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O Beira Lixo é da AG!


ATUALIZADO EM 03/04/2013:

Um leitor havia me passado, em 28/03/2013, a página 7 da matrícula 6.258, sendo que a página 8 que eu já tinha publicado aqui.

As outras seis páginas dizem respeito a penhoras e outros gravames no imóvel, o que, por respeito às partes, eu não vou publicar.

Agora publico uma digitalização do documento com melhor nitidez:
Clica em cima que ela amplia.

Tudo confirmando o que eu já tinha dito em 26/02 aqui no blog.
Incrível que teve repórter que fez matéria dizendo que o contrato só envolvia o estacionamento.
Não fez a pesquisa no Registro de Imóveis e deve ter ficado só com a declaração oficial.
Se enganou.
Foram cedidos 46.942,54m² do Estádio e 26.795,15m² do estacionamento à AG.

O Beira-Rio não é mais do Inter.
É da AG.
Por 20 anos.
E vai ser alienado como garantia do empréstimo de 275 milhões, conforme previsto no edital publicado na ZH em 26/02/2013 que nenhum repórter viu.

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Pelo que me recordo quando li o contrato a AG poderá solicitar renovação do contrato por novo prazo, caso comprove que o retorno não foi o estimado ... Q merda para os coloridos ... mas claro a imprensa não divulga nada, será que a AG paga altos valores de patrocínio a RBS, Band e Record para "pegarem leve "... será !!!! SIM, SIM, SIM

Anônimo disse...

Fica na mesma situação da arena, o imóvel é da beira rio S/A assim como a Arena é da Arena Portoalegrense S/A pelo prazo de 20 anos.
Mas Pelo que entendi, o imóvel é garantia também, então se a AG falir, pra pagar pra união o emprestimo penhoram o estádio, diferente do contrato da arena , aonde a OAS arca com o financiamento e não expoe a arena ou o Grêmio.


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You could have a successful and fun school experience. The advice provided right here, if applied, can be sure that your time put in simply being well-informed is one that you will delight in and another that can help make certain you are prepared for your personal long term career. University truly can be a wonderful encounter.Social Networking Some Tips That You Must Know
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Stay away from the warrantee options made available from automobile retailers on used automobiles. They are usually overpriced and often tend not to include the better costly repairs that you would want to be warrantied. Rather, purchase your guarantee separately from your trusted guarantee company which you find on your own. Unless you know of any, request a friend or family member for suggestions.
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Once you eliminate a site out of your site, actually remove it! Applying a 301 redirect is great, but search engines like google can still get the original site by means of backlinks into it on other internet sites as well as on your own site. Remove all outdated files through your web server when they're will no longer required.
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Among the best actions to take to improve your website and enhance your search engine marketing is always to include a website. This can give your company more (often free of charge) coverage. Additionally, it will help you to make private links that may lead to much more enterprise. By using a number of great SEO ideas to your company's blog, you will see your business internet sites internet search engine ratings go up rapidly.
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Select expert personal references meticulously. In today's competitive employment situation, personal references are a progressively important aspect of any cv. Pick professional personal references with who there is a optimistic romantic relationship and who know your work background effectively. They also need to be capable to discuss your ability to perform the work that you are using.


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Operating a blog is approximately creating. When you don't want to publish, you probably won't get pleasure from blogging. But if you've never experimented with writing, you could have an as but undiscovered expertise that you simply would get pleasure from. So try writing a few process blog posts. Write about anything interesting to you. If you like producing, then running a blog can be for yourself!
For those who have in no way seasoned rectum blood loss prior to, will not just assume that it must be piles. The typical signs or symptoms connected with hemorrhoids may well be a manifestation of something more serious and ought to be identified from a physician. Once determined, there are a variety of treatment options that are efficient at relieving signs.
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Locate convenience in something perceptible instead of anything idealistic if you are battling cancer. It's a good idea to maintain your eyesight about the winning prize as well as picture full rehabilitation, but it's also important that you hang on to perceptible outcomes and take things a stride at a time. Hunting very far ahead may cause you to overlook crucial methods within your healing.


Think about investing in a coffee grinder that has conical or toned mincing burrs. These grinders generate much less heating. This will give the very best flavor in your espresso. Cutting blades aren't generally consistent in grinders. This is certainly too warm and it may well burn your caffeine.


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Lots of people report that the application of potatoes will make acne breakouts vanish more quickly. Slice a potato, and carry it towards the affected area for roughly a quarter-hour. That is certainly all you have to do. The zits will now disappear altogether faster after you have performed this simple nevertheless very innovative part in protecting against pimples.


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Discovering commercial real estate to invest in is really a overwhelming and time intensive process. Should you not spend some time to very carefully compute the price and fees which are engaged, you may adequately find that you have become in over your head and are unable to in fact afford everything you have dedicated to.


The best way to make the property surge in benefit, would be to upgrade the lavatory in your house. In case the toilet in the house you are trying to promote does not have a certain attractiveness, many of your customers will think that the house is trashy. Improve the need for your home nowadays and upgrade your bath rooms.


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Will not use any extras to your phone which are not produced by apple company. Other company's components have been proven to empty the battery packs of the iphone, leaving behind them almost pointless simply because they perish so easily. They can also cause other procedure troubles, so make certain you always use apple add-ons together with your iphone 4.


Harmful toxins are known to result in cancer. A frequent destination to locate harmful toxins that most folks usually do not understand is on wood decks and perform units. Wooden decks and play collections built prior to 2005 are likely to have a covering of arsenic pesticide. This coating can adhere to epidermis and clothes and improve the chances of leading to malignancy within the body.


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Open another bank account to your business. In case you are looking to manage your hard earned dollars independently, you have to secure it individually. You are going to find that you can save a lot of time as well as frustration, in the event you just wide open somebody make up your company.


Often, new apparel can have chemical substances or any other allergies-resulting in materials that can cause a rash or hives on exposure to your skin layer. When you get new clothes, be sure you wash every item prior to wear it. This is specifically true of gentleman-created components including nylon and rayon.


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Leg squats are perhaps the most significant exercising for building muscle volume. Beyond creating the leg muscles, squats are a great whole-physique exercise routine. They workout the biceps and triceps, chest, stomach muscles as well as the rear. Using a proper technique is vital with squats. To get a proper squat, the hips should appear less than the knees and the body need to keep well-balanced.


When grinding your caffeine at the store, utilize a method grind if you are planning to drip made coffee. A method grind is similar to the persistence of granulated sugar. This grind is great for a drip produce which will take about 6 a few minutes. If it takes longer, utilize a coarser grind.


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Concentrate on your inhaling while you are encountering an anxiety attack. Not only will this assist calm you, but ensuring you are taking in proper quantities of oxygen can lessen the actual physical signs of the attack. Give full attention to inhaling little by little and uniformly to prevent hyperventilation or giddiness, that will make an strike truly feel more serious.


Take time every single day to rest and enjoy your self plus your carrying a child. Being pregnant is a demanding time, as soon as the infant is born you will have much less time and energy to your self. Make use of the time now to rest, meditate, and reconnect on your own and your unborn child. Your blood pressure levels will thank you.


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Always ask for authorization well before supplying someone's label and contact information and facts for any private or skilled research. Should your contact is caught by surprise by the would-be boss, he may not have time to give a positive, well-believed-out response. Additionally you manage the danger of finding that this person did not talk about eagerness to your performance, abilities and expertise.


Your asthma attack might be exacerbated by toxins and debris due to combustion. You need to have your furnaces, heating units and ranges inspected annually. Be sure to alter furnace filtration systems monthly. Seek out substitute filtration system which can be great productivity to reduce the contaminants that are launched into the air flow with a considerable margin.


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Build a connection together with the salesperson or operator of your wine shop. Don't forget to getting tips from their website. Although you may get some that aren't great, you may typically discover some that happen to be passionate about red wine. They can also privately recommend particular forms. Obtaining acquainted with these individuals will also help them familiarize yourself with your preferences.
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In case you are grinding your own personal gourmet coffee, the medium grind is better for regular uses. It really works great for your home drip brewer. It must be throughout the consistency of typical table sea salt if you are carried out. Practice with your personal machine up until you discover what makes flavours you like.
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Cast your lure all around structures like docks, rocks and logs. This is because fish are extremely attracted to these spots, so you will certainly be very likely to capture a lot more species of fish. The right place to find sea food is around marijuana beds, but you should make sure to avoid having your collection snagged.
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Heat and light treatment can sometimes be employed properly to take care of pimples. This treatment requires applying extreme temperature towards the skin area, whilst utilizing a strong light source. The process clears the facial skin of bacteria and cuts down the dimensions of some glands too. The process should simply be performed by a licensed Health-care professional.
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Have a look at all the choices. Despite the fact that personal bankruptcy might be highly damaging to your credit history if you file, it might really help you in the near future. It can stay on your credit track record for 10 years, but when filing for bankruptcy helps you defeat your debt now, it will probably be much better for your credit score than producing delayed credit card and bank loan monthly payments all through your daily life.
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Take advantage of the above ideas to help you learn about different kinds of insurance open to you. Regardless of whether you will need vehicle insurance for you and your teenager car owner, medical health insurance for you and your family, house insurance coverage, or life insurance coverage, these ideas need to point in the best route for further details about each.Able To Function? Try These Employment Suggestions!
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Make certain your health insurance policy enrollment kind before applying! A solitary mistake could afterwards invalidate your assert and lead you to drop your insurance plan entirely. It is up to you to cross every T and dot every single I. My recommendation would be to full the form in tiny chunks, leaving behind it overnight and analyzing what you've concluded the following day.


If you plan on eating what you found, you must maintain the fishes as clean as is possible. Provide a much cooler or even a reside properly along and fill it up with water from your lake. If you can, do not get rid of your catches until later. If your seafood passes away, put it in the separate much cooler filled with cool drinking water.


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Home equity protection is really more valuable than earning money in Forex. You will recognize that the very best and the majority of rewarding investors in Currency trading are not converting earnings every single day. They're simply not shedding just as much. You need to be willing to utilize the old adage that says you can not shed what you do not engage in. Guard your investment capital in Forex to start with.


Know what you will be doing work towards when your are obtaining into network marketing. Really know what your targets are, and exactly how you intend on achieving them. You are getting counted upon to help you a current organization develop. When you find yourself successful at this particular after that you can increase your own personal company.


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If you happen to exhaust concealer you may consider your foundation! Merely transform the cap of the groundwork around and you will definitely locate a thicker, much more condensed variety of it which can be used in a crunch rather than your regular concealer. Merely dab your finger hint in the cover and pat the cornerstone under eyeballs or older every other blemish!


In order to eliminate the ants all around your house, spread some borax powder close to your house. This helps to poison the ants to make sure they are stopped with their tracks and cannot revisit. This will help to briefly remove the ant dilemma while in specific periods of year.


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Make sure that you do not possess any foods allergic reactions when you have symptoms of asthma. A lot of people figure out the hard way they are sensitive to a particular food products. Getting an allergic reaction could also outcome your bronchial asthma because your inhaling and exhaling may be decreased. Be sure to proceed to the e . r . if you feel you are experiencing an allergic reaction to foods.


Whenever your child features a query, don't answer it quickly! Demonstrate to them how to research the solution independently to allow them to learn how to undertake it when you're not about. There are numerous websites offering basic information and facts which kids of any age could comprehend, so stage them in that direction.


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You should determine the amount tolerance you might have beyond doubt unwanted pests. For example, could you deal with an insect pest with your garden or even an ant within your kitchen every now and then? A lot of people can deal with this really small difficulty. Even so, you probably will not tolerate any ticks or ticks at home. Once you understand the amount and kind of insect exercise you are able to put up with, after that you can develop a correct program.


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Phone around and find out rates and charges. Most payday loan companies have related costs and interest rates, although not all. You could possibly preserve ten or twenty $ $ $ $ on the loan if someone organization provides a reduced rate of interest. In the event you frequently get these personal loans, the cost savings will add up.
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Meet up with your doctor frequently. Many health problems appear as you may age. The earlier you meet up with your medical professional to identify any troubles, the earlier you can begin treatment, along with the greater your chance of an excellent end result. Also, your doctor may offer helpful advice on handling present conditions and medications in order to avoid difficulties.


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Confer with your young children about what is happening. Individual bankruptcy can be hugely hard for you and the partner to pass through, and kids usually can sensation when mom and dad tend not to really feel proper. You don't need to go into fine detail, but let them have a review in regards to what is going on. Using this method, it is possible to help them learn ways to avoid bankruptcy, and how to cope with demanding media within a healthier way.


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Search for ranking drinking water on your property which is often a direct reaction to leaky water lines. Standing h2o may cause a higher measure of injury to your yard and will attract bacteria and pests. Reduce your degree of standing up h2o to place your family members and residence within the most protected situation.


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The majority of your pointless paying will often can come on a whim, as it should be your mission to reduce this as much as possible. Before going on the food market, create a list in order that you just get the things that you are currently there for, lowering the volume of impulse acquisitions.


If Autocorrect would like you to decide on a certain term and also you don't wish to opt for that term, you don't actually have to select the small By. You can tap elsewhere one the screen along with the little suggestion may go apart! This may be a lot faster than attempting to click the X


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